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2017-06-27 09:40 pm
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Dear Scribbler: Exchange at Fic Corner

Thank you for scribbling for me! And have fun with your project!

Here are a number of optional details... and yes, they are optional. But I figure better to have too much info, from which you can pick and choose, than not enough.

I will endeavor to expand this with some more ideas over the next couple of days.

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2013-09-04 07:58 am

Gifts from the Sea (Cho Hakkai/Sha Gojyo; R)

Gifts from the Sea (8520 words) by opalmatrix
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: Mature
Summary: Herrie de Caut has a stroke of luck near the end of his first voyage as captain. The nature of the luck is all a matter of viewpoint.
Notes: Written for absolute_negation as my contribution to the sixth annual 7th Night Saiyuki Alternative Universe Gift!fic exchange. The prompt was "Suspiciously serene ship's captain meets suspiciously well-dressed pirate." That got me thinking about the corsairs as presented in the works of historical fiction author Dorothy Dunnett. Beta by smillaraaq, sine qua non.
Summary: Herrie de Caut has a stroke of luck near the end of his first voyage as captain. The nature of the luck is all a matter of viewpoint.

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2013-02-03 04:24 pm

Dear Author: Purimgifts 2013

Dear Author:

Thanks very much for writing and creating me some Purim treats! Please have fun with this. The only thing I ask is that whatever you write be in the spirit of Purim: no really dark stuff, no complete tragedies. Bittersweet is good, musings and reflections are good, cynical people (Revy from Black Lagoon comes to mind) still being themselves is fine, and so on. And don't be intimidated by my list of stuff here. I myself would rather have more info than less, and it's in that spirit that this is given. But optional details are optional.

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2012-01-01 06:17 pm

Yuletide Reveals

This year I wrote two treats in addition to my actual assignment, all for book fandoms.

The assignment I picked was Frontier Wolf by Rosemary Sutcliff, for which I wrote He Who Waits (note: rated E on AO3, although I would describe as a "hard R"). I had actually matched my recipient on two fandoms, the first time that this has happened to me. I was feeling blocked on the second fandom, The Silver Branch by Sutcliff, because I had also requested it! Mysteriously, I could not be sure I had read FW: it's one of Sutcliff's later books, written the year I graduated college, and even after reading the second-hand copy I bought for the challenge, I wasn't sure that I had read it before: some of the details about Connla and what became of him are the only things that seemed familiar.

I took the book with me when we took an impromptu trip out of town for a week, read it through again, and by the time I came back, I had the rough outlines of a story. My recipient was interested both in the possibilities of a romance between Alexios and Hilarion and in a look at the implications of a male/male relationship in the Roman culture. I wrote mainly the former, but I tried to give a nod to the more serious issue as well. I really have to thank my Beta readers, smillaraaq and carmarthen, on this one: in addition to the basic SPAG, they pointed out a couple of serious canon violations, vetted my Roman cultural and language details, and helped make the last section less hurried and more amusing, authentic, and romantic.

While I was working on the FW story, a question my recipient had asked about The Silver Branch kept tickling the back of my mind: if one assumes that Flavius of SB is Alexios' father, how does the family tree work out, and what becomes of Justin and Cullen? I realized that by focusing on this, I could avoid skirting too close to my own request. I wrote the treat Coming Around Again from Justin's POV, because I've always felt very close to him, and I included a scene with Aunt Honoria because she is awesome. It turns out that she is one of my recipient's favorite characters, so that made everyone happy!

I saw a request for P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles of the Kencyrath flash by on the Pinch Hits mailing list. I was too slow to pick it up (and at that point, I was not at all sure that I would be able to finish a real pinch hit in time), so I went back and wrote a treat. Those Who Help Themselves is fluff: a romp involving cold weather, the smell of hot, tasty food, and a squad of always-hungry military academy students.

After I finished "He Who Waits," I realized that its last few words are identical to the last words of another story of mine. I'll write short fic for the first person who correctly identifies the other story. I will be asking for a prompt for this.


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2011-12-25 10:56 am

Happy Yuletide to All!

I have a very sweet, slightly cockeyed DOGS story for Yuletide! Badou teaching Nill to cook! Heine freaking out because Badou is letting Nill use a real knife! Naoto wondering whether she can - or should - let her guard down enough to enjoy being there! And Heine and Badou go up to bed together! D'awww!

Slice-of-life can be very tasty, and this is a good example.