opalmatrix: A young Asian woman with a facial tattoo - character Doa from Blade of the Immortal - lies on her stomach reading (Doa Reads)

Thank you for scribbling for me! And have fun with your project!

Here are a number of optional details... and yes, they are optional. But I figure better to have too much info, from which you can pick and choose, than not enough.

I will endeavor to expand this with some more ideas over the next couple of days.

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opalmatrix: The Hebrew word 'Hineni,' meaning 'here I am' (Hineni - Hebrew for "Here I am")

Dear Author:

Thanks very much for writing and creating me some Purim treats! Please have fun with this. The only thing I ask is that whatever you write be in the spirit of Purim: no really dark stuff, no complete tragedies. Bittersweet is good, musings and reflections are good, cynical people (Revy from Black Lagoon comes to mind) still being themselves is fine, and so on. And don't be intimidated by my list of stuff here. I myself would rather have more info than less, and it's in that spirit that this is given. But optional details are optional.

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